Project Ned & Ted

Help Ned & Ted, the two lunatics, burst out of the nasty institution. While playing Ned & Ted the skill of the player is put to an acid test, because the two characters are controlled simultaneously. Overcome challenging portal-riddles, fight the evil warden, experience exciting live jump-stunts and lead the two lunatics with each level a little closer to their freedom.
Ned & Ted is an innovative indie game that convinces with varied gameplay and innovative graphics. Ned & Ted is currently still under development and is as well looking for sponsors and publishers.
Contact us at: nedandtedgame@gmail.com

Game specifics

Plattform: Mac OS / Windows
Perspective: 3D / 2.5D
Game Mode: Single Player
Controls: Keyboard
Release: As soon as possible...
Scope: Proposed 3 maps, each contains 5 - 7 levels
Engine: Unity3D Engine



Programming / graphics / game design:
Marc Gruber, Website

Programming / graphics / game design:
Simon Kovatsch, Website

Sound effects / music & minimap menu:
Michel Barengo, Website


Ned & Ted Trailer 2013

NedTed Game Trailer from shrimpytheElefant on Vimeo.


Download Presskit

here you can download a package with high-res-screenshots and short commercial textes for free use
english version will be provided very soon!